Brand new whole body vibration machine - $180 in Burnaby, British Columbia for sale


Vibration platforms are finally grabbing the attention it deserves. Not only are they wonderful for athletes but also for use in rehabilitation. This is because the vibration does most of the work and our bodies simply respond. . .which in turn has a plethora of benefits. It's a versatile machine to have in the home, and awsome machine in the gym. Some people have reported an increase in a feeling of optimism; the stimulating effects of the vibration machine can help counteract certain types of depression and loss of motivation.

A new exercise machine has arrived in the form of a low impact, vertical, whole body vibration machine called "CrazySlim". Our Machines are designed to be a great competitor to the Vibration Machine market. We use a push button interface to ensure longevity of the panel. A button won't crack, a touchscreen might. Some of our units even use handheld remotes!

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Medical & Personal Rehabilitation

Vibration works on stimulating muscles through an involuntary stretch reflex. What this means for you is the ability of generating up to 3000 muscle contractions with minimal effort on your part. Best of all, Vertical Controlled Vibration technology limits the stress put on joints and ligaments. In addition to gentle but rapid muscle contractions, there are positive effects on circulation and bone density, hence making the CrazySlim a multi faceted tool for clinicians and patients. Used by countless hospitals, therapists and doctors across North America, it's no surprise that it's the therapy of choice for many patients.

Exercise Awareness

Another effective principle is to change the exercise stimulus that your body gets from time to time. If you work at the same intensity with the same exercises every day, your body will adapt to this and your improvements will ascend slower or start to descend. That is why different speeds are available on a single unit! You could say its a wide variety in a single entirety!.
Beautiful, light-weight and compact machine! It helps you achieve your state of being with less space consumption than other Vibration Machines! We call it the Butterfly.

Assembly dimensions:
22x18x11 inches
Platform dimensions:
20 x 13
0.75 HP 200W
Low, Medium, High
1-10mm @ 0 - 60 Hz
120 kgs or 275 lbs Capacity
High Efficiency Motor

Category:  Sport  |  Address:  Burnaby British Columbia

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