LUXOR HEALTH G2 series Massage chair, furniture, chair, recliner BEST WARRANTY in Burnaby, British Columbia for sale


LUXOR HEALTH G2 series Massage chair, furniture, chair, recliner BEST WARRANTY
(We have our showroom in Langley, please contact us to make an appointment)
(MSRP $8,000.00) Retails up to $8,000.00 Canadian and our wholesale direct price is only $3,599.00, Our G2 outperforms massage chairs that retail up to $12,000.00. The exact same chair sells in the USA for $5,500.00 US funds over $7,000.00 Canadian.
If you think buying retail there is added value here is some food for thought, we are a store supplier and we supply the parts and service to all stores customers
A retailer may tell you it is a wholesale price when selling you a brand named product, unless they are the direct brand company that is not the case. The prices they buy from the branded company is the actual wholesale price, most all brand companies have exclusive contracts with retailers and do not sell direct to the public. Buying from Luxor Health you get wholesale direct prices
Comparison chart against the top chairs on the market available, just ask.
1) First thing that stands out about this chair is the incredible foot roller massage that is made up of 3 massage rollers as most have only 2, it does from your heels to your toes. There is an air bag behind the heels, 2 on each side of each foot and even an airbag over the toes and top of foot to press down and intensify the foot massage of the foot and toes. (Incredible foot massage others cannot give as most have 2 rollers and only 1 airbag on each side of the foot with nothing on top of the toes and foot). (Best foot massage in the industry)
2) Second thing is the 3D massage the movement of the massage unit going forward and back is close to 5 inches of travel (the most in the industry) when most are about 2 to 3.5 inches. This is critical to perform an incredible head, neck and shoulder massage and to increase the strength to the maximum. (Incredible Massage).
Free Extended Warranty
5 years replacement on any electrical or mechanical components, after 5 years you only pay our cost for life so we make no profits. You also get cosmetic parts at cost for LIFE.

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